Stalford Promotional Foolscap

Cover Design

I was approached to design the promotional foolscap for Stalford Learning Centre, a chain of learning centres in Singapore with over 30 outlets islandwide.

These foolscap would be distributed to secondary and JC students to promote their services. In all their past designs, the cover was a layout of student testimonials, which I felt would not grab a lot of attention as there was nothing visually attractive nor engaging.

After I thought about it, I felt that people have missed out on how portable foolscap really is, that we are actually able to turn it around! The idea/design need not be restricted to just thinking about the layout as a still image.

Since the tagline of the brand is "Proven Method. Proven Results", I designed a smiling face which when turned 180 degrees around, reveals a downcasted face with heavy eyebags, signifying that the brand can turn bad results around - simply join them to have the tables turned!

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