Player Group Logo Redesign

When Wylie Wee, founder of Player Group, approached me, she reflected that the company's original logo couldn't portray the core of her brand's mission and vision which was to elevate players' hearts. Since the brand is involved in sports management programmes, mainly targeting corporations to improve team bonding through sports, she believes that ultimately, it is the heart-to-heart connection during games that will help to build these bonds. The two objectives that she had set were:

  1. The new logo design must reflect how players' hearts are at the core of the brand and it is the interaction between them that will help to elevate hearts and build stronger bonds.
  2. The new logo design must reflect Player Group as an umbrella, also has Player Team Building, Player Sports and Player Academy under the main company.

Wylie and Pei Shi are really inspiring women whom I have had the honour of not just knowing, but having the opportunity to work with them. I am deeply appreciate and indebted to their belief in me.

If your brand is looking into bonding your team through sports, you can reach them via their official Player Group Facebook Page.

  • Year 2015

The brand's previous logo

The new logomark was designed with two 'P's in 'Player' in the positive space whilst forming a 'H' (representing heart) in the negative space. The design is inspired from a quote from The Little Prince, "What is essential is invisible to the eye". I felt that eventually, it is what lies in the hearts of two people that matter, our hearts must be willing and receptive to give and receive the lessons we have to learn. The 'E' in Player is highlighted to represent the brand's tagline - 'Elevate, Engage Experience'. What seems like an elegant solution was actually a tough mental process to get down to the simplest elements with a meaning that is close to the heart of the brand.


Logo in horizontal and vertical arrangements with minimum clear space all round.


Player Group company umbrella with clear divisions; Player Team Building, Player Academy and Player Sports


Company logo in full colour and 1C versions (reversed included)

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