Logo Design for Wound and Stoma Care

When Dr. Charles Tsang was recommended to me by his assistant, Carynn Lee, he told me that the logo for his new clinic must have the character '口' in it as stoma meant an (alternate) opening in the body for passing motion (through a bag). He then challenged me to come up with a comprehensive and intelligent brand concept, one that befits the medical work that he does. To top this challenge, it was compulsory for the brand concept that I was going to come up with to answer at least three elements out of each column in this set of fengshui requirements that he passed me:

The solution


I thought about it and realised...


I wanted the brand concept to focus and communicate "caring and healing of anything related to wound and stoma". I realised that I can build and intelligent and thoughtful play on the word, '照'.


'照' fundamentally reflects the meaning of 'light'. It meant the ability to penetrate and triump over darkness; to shine, to gain recognition. There is no place the brand cannot travel to, just like light.

Brand Values

01. To care, to represent kindness and compassion

02. To heal and love

03. To shine light on the welfare of patients, to have a positive impact on their lives, to help

04. To able patients to lead quality lives

The logo

The logo of the clinic is inspired by a sparkle, a source of light, yet resembling the chinese character, '口' as the client instructed. Each side of sparkle is made up of 'C'are, 'C'ompassion, 'C'oncern and 'C'ommitment.

Elements answered in client's forementioned requirements.

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