Third Eye Pictureworks

Before you get all superstitious, no, there is nothing ghostly about this client.

Kenneth named his wedding photography business as Third Eye Pictureworks as he was inspired by Soka Gakkai's 3rd President Daisaku Ikeda's quote that the "Camera's lenses is his third eye".

When I was first approached to do the logo, I thought of combining a pupil with camera lenses. A research quickly made me realise that there are already many companies using this concept around the world. I wondered how I could differentiate her client yet stay relevant. Eventually I thought of using sound instead - Third "i" (eye), shaping the first two "i"s' silhouettes into a wedding couple and the third, a photographer.

Daisaku Ikeda and my client, whose last name is Lin, has a total of 3 'i's in their names. In this way, I hope that my client can carry his mentor in his heart as he begins each and every project, true to his original vision for his brand.

As the couple was designed into the logo, I had to think of a way to make people take extra notice of them, otherwise the logo might not achieve its full intended purpose. How could I make this happen without adding anything extra on the namecard? In the end I thought of a witty, but simple solution - punch a heart shape between the couple on the namecard.

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