SC Global Web Redesign

In collaboration with Tremendousness Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Damn Famous (KL, Malaysia), I conceptualised and art directed the new official website for luxury property developer, SC Global Ltd.

At the beginning of the project, we were given photos for each property under the developer and we had to propose the concept for the photoshoot. I am very fortunate to work with a client with superb taste.

I saw this photo of an apartment at The Marq. The entire apartment was decked out in Hermès furniture. My main concept stems from having a human touch in all the photos we are going to shoot for their official website.No matter where we go, even at hotels, we want to feel welcomed, let alone our own property.



I wanted to juxtapose a child's innocence against something so luxurious. See the Hermès horse on the wall? I could imagine the life I could add to a photo when I get a young girl to jump on the couch. Normally I like to focus on one highlight that I identify in a picture than framing everything in. In this instance, I decided to focus on the glorious wall decoration and the couch that sits between two lamps. To add to the ambience, a saddle (detail) is introduced on the table on the right. Electric socket on the left is also DI away in the final picture. I hope by writing this, you guys can have a glimpse on the attention to details/thoughts we put in each picture.


Concept proposal:


Final picture (which is chosen by the client for their landing page):


I was also responsible for going through the contents of the client's previous website and thereafter, propose a flow that provides ease in information architecture.

To view the project in its entirety (please note that the website might have changed since handover), visit

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