MYMCA Fundraising Collatorals

Fundraising Appeal Card is something that MYMCA does annually. Some of their flagship community outreach programmes includes:

MY Manna - An outreach programme that supplies basic groceries and toiletries on a monthly basis to their beneficiaries.

MY Big Sweep - A project that improves the living conditions of the physically disabled, elderly, and needy families.

MY Toy Library - A programme that uses play, music, and movement to engage children with special needs.

In previous years' designs, various amounts were reflected in the same shapes. I feel that for Year 2019, it would be good to let the public know how their donations matter and the impact they would make in someone else' life.

For example, for every $10 the public donates, the beneficiary gets a packet of rice through MY Manna or for every $2 donated, MYMCA gets a new bottle of cleaning agent for MY Big Sweep, etc.

The field for total amount collected should be designed at a corner, on the same page, instead of being on the reverse page. Donation fields are designed with the consideration of having a collated whole number in a row. These measures will enable Finance to check the total amount collected, easily.

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