MYMCA Aquatic Programme EDM

How do you email a swimming course in a fresh, engaging yet informative way?

I came out with a concept after being inspired with an animated gif online.

I also proposed shooting a 30-sec promotional video so that potential parents get a clearer idea of the environment their children will be learning swimming at, and MYMCA's swimming instructors.

The video was cross promoted on Google and posted on KiasuParents' Facebook Page.

A sub-domain was created for easy access of interested parents and more details were laid out on MYMCA's website (controlled by pre-determined CMS system).

Performance of this conceptual EDMĀ (on a list)

The average click-rate of this mailing list prior to my joining is 0.8%. This EDM managed to achieve a click-rate of 1.6%, closer to the average click-rate for Non-Profit Organisations. MYMCA's usual click-rate hovers around 0.4% to 0.9%.

The proposal of having a promotional clip on YouTube worked, people were interested to view it. Most importantly, the Aquatic Department managed to get new sign-ups from this exercise.

View EDM concept here.

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