Responsibility I & II

Promoting Core Values within MYMCA

This video series is part of MYMCA's internal efforts to promote the association's core values among all staff. Each quarter, various divisions will come out with concepts to promote each of the four core values; Caring, Respect, Honesty and Responsibility.

During the last quarter of 2018, it is Corporate & International Affairs (CIA) Division's turn to promote 'Responsibility'. Our division came out with a script to showcase examples of irresponsibility at work and got fellow colleagues to submit scripts on how the staff in the video should have reacted.

We then produced a follow-up video, 'Responsibility II', all cast are acting for the first time and everyone had great fun! Working together on this series bonded the staff together and made us discover the fun side (and of course, talent) of colleagues from other divisions like Finance.

Script by: Angeline Soh, Michelle Ng, Catherine Leck
Directed & edited by: Catherine Leck

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