Logo Redesign for Aqua-Nautics

Aqua-Nautics is a company with more than 30 years of experience in aquarium industry with operations in Singapore, China and United States. They are a leading supplier of exotic tropical fish and reptiles with an extensive network of more than 38 vendors from Asia, Africa and South America.

When the founder, Mr Ricky Lim, came to me for a logo redesign for this company with a rich history, I was deeply honoured and excited to take on the project.

Their new logo is inspired from both a globe and an angelfish - a popular ornament fish in aquarium industry, signifying the brand's positioning as a global leader in the business with their rich experience and history. The dots are spreading from the East to West, representing the business's expansion from this little red dot (Singapore) to the western (european) markets. It also signifies the close connection between the brand and their customers and how they value this connection as the brand grows from strength-to-strength since its founding.

Visit their website or contact them through their Facebook.

  • Client Aqua-Nautics Pte Ltd
  • Year 2015

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