Cleanmark Solutions Branding

When Alvin, the founder of Bakers & Chef Food Equipment, came to me for a new logo for his business, I was thrilled.

Being already in the business of commercial kitchen equipment, Alvin can't be more familiar with the difficulties that local F&B business owners face - the stable of staff who wash the dirty dishes after diners are long done. The owners face the difficulty of hiring locals who are willing to spend long, backbreaking hours in doing the dishes, or hire the number of foreign workers their quota actually allow them to (in Singapore, with every foreign worker that a company hires, there must be already 4 locals).

This cause huge pressure to F&B owners to find a sustainable mean to their problem and hence Alvin decided to import a technology from Germany, where his new company will send out vans to collect dirty dishes in bulk from F&B outlets and have them all machine-washed before delivering back.

This new business's name was Cleanmark Solutions.

When I started to conceptualise for the logo, I wanted to think of the big picture - to design more than just a logo. It needs to be insightful, intelligent, yet fun with relevance.

Read about my concept below (you can also read into the design process by clicking the button on your right):

The Solution

I knew I wanted the logomark to be inspired by the flow of water. It is also made up of two 'C's, thus also forming a 'S' in the process, representing "Cleaning Solutions".

What seems like a straightforward solution actually has a bigger idea behind it - when the logomark is turned around horizontally, it actually forms the shape of a moving turbine. The arrows on the logomark were also designed in a dynamic manner that shows forward movement, much like the marks on a tyre.

This is such that if the logomark is installed on the wheels of a van, it literally mimics a turbine washing a plate clean as the wheels turn on the road, thus serving as a moving advertisement for the brand and its service!

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