Building Erdinger’s Facebook Account

I personally built Erdinger's FB account from ground up to more than 10, 000 fans when I left.

During this period, I identified the most passionate fans of Erdinger and knew each one of them by their social media handles and their names. This enabled me to garner traction when it comes to attendance for key events like Oktoberfest, giveaways, and engaging their individual networks (and beyond) in passionate conversations about Erdinger.

The good rapport I had struck with them over 3 years made them feel good with associating themselves with the brand and they would tag themselves in our event photos, thereby gaining mileage (and extra eyeballs) on social media landscape.

I had tried to convince Erdinger's brand manager during the period that it is more important that we collect hardcore fans than spend the budget pumping the number of likes for people who might not actually buy our beer. Glad that he bought in with our idea.

The way Erdinger was being built in its infancy stage on social media paved its way for future success.

Point of reference: Mr Lee Wei Thian, Brand Manager at Asia Pacific Breweries (circa 2011).

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